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  Anonymous said:
who are 10 historical ppl (besides the obvious ones) who you hate?


By obvious I assume you’re making a reference to those like Hitler and J.W. Booth, so this is going to be hard because, as I really think about it, though I tend to say that I dislike a lot of people in history, I cannot think of many that I would actually claim to have absolute hatred toward. Aside from, you know, the famous dictators and assassins.

This isn’t in any particular order, just in the order that they occur to me:

1. Leonid Brezhnev. I hate this man with a burning passion. One day I would like to set his corpse on fire visit his grave and spit on it.

2. William Herndon. This man. Ugh. I don’t know what Lincoln ever saw in him.

3. Genghis Khan. Enough said.

4. Atilla the Hun. See above.

5. King Leopold II. This one goes without saying.

6. Isabelle I of Castille. Because there are too many dicks on this list, so here’s a dickette.

7. Eugene Cooper. In a way his actions had served for a greater cause, but he was still an asshole.

8. Gulbuddin Hekmatyer. I don’t even want to explain.

9. Caligula. This guy was insane and terrible.

10. Mohammad Najibullah. Asshole.

Howcome you hate Brezhnev so much? He was a pretty poor leader, I’ll admit that, but I didn’t think he was significant enough to hate.

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